City Prizes

City Prizes

The prizes of the city of Renens with a value of CHF 10,000.- are awarded annually.

They are comprised of:

– a first prize of CHF 5,000.- to the project with the greatest potential
– a prize of encouragement with a value of CHF 3,000.- to a project or company existing less than 2 years, to encourage perseverance
– a prize of CHF 2,000.- to a « jury favorite »

The prizes are awarded annually by a jury composed of five members of the Town Counsel (partially represented) and chaired by a foundation board member. Originally, the prizes of the city of Renens valued at CHF 10,000.- was destined for the tenants of the Ateliers, and deducted from the rent due. Since 2015, the prize allocation procedures have been revised and extended to all members of the design team.

2015 Laureates

– The creators of the Swisskoo coucou clocks (1st prize)
– Collaborative space Le Sapin (prize of encouragement)
– Ceramic association Element-r (jury favorite)

Kireego Solutions sàrl (2014)
Collectif Crembruley et Pixyform (2013)
Association PBK9 (2012)
T’emogique sàrl (2011)
Fontself sàrl (2010)
Nicolas Le Moigne / Atracsys Sàrl / Tonatiuh Ambrosetti / Nicolas Ryffel et Antonin Depierraz / Hervé Palese (Prix multiples 2009)

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