Current Companies

Contrary to other technology parks, the Ateliers de Renens houses a variety of activities. The glue between the occupants is the state of mind of the promoters, that allows unique transdisciplinary collaboration.

Locataires actuels


Micropat SA

Micro-usinage électrochimique pour sortir la très haute précision des salles blanches et l’appliquer sur des surfaces métalliques.
Au service du mieux, avec vous !

AgoraBee, Closel 3

Fabricant de composants RFID et initiateur du système TrakYv

Dominique Renaud SA, Closel 3

Créateurs d’une marque horlogère de luxe et de complications horlogères.

FixMe, Closel 3

Hackerspace pour les mordus d’électronique.


GaitUp SA, Closel 3

Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, Gait Up provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports and Health with wearables that rival accuracy of legacy motion labs.

La Nebuleuse SA, Closel 5

Créateur de bières artisanales et animateur du lieu avec sa « Tap-room », lieu de rencontre de toutes les entreprises.

MassChallenge, Closel 5

« The friendliest » accélérateur à Start-ups du monde !


Master Innockick! de la HES-SO, Closel 3

The Master HES-SO Innokick is an interdisciplinary formation in integrated innovation that brings together students in design, management, and engineering. In the spirit of Design Thinking, the objective is to develop competencies that result in the successful creation and commercialization of products and innovative services. The teaching style is pedagogically original, with project-based learning which combines academic learning and practical training, under real mandates from regional companies.

Mobile’t, Closel 3

Association gérant les semestres de motivations (SEMO) avec des ateliers cuisine et multi-média. Gérants de la cafétériat du lieu.


Mobsya, Closel 3

Mobsya is a non-profit association with the goal of promoting science and technology education, in respect of the human being and its environment, in order to allow better understanding of the technical world that surrounds us.

It benefits from the support of several contributors, educational institutions and community members Aseba & Thymio who ceaselessly maintain and improve the essential tools for evolution in the Thymio project.


North thin ply technology SA, Closel 3

North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), headquartered in Renens, Switzerland, produces a range of weight saving prepreg materials, including UD tapes of 30-600 g/m2, conventional prepregs, multiaxial preforms and machinable carbon fibre blocks. The company also produces highly uniform composite tubes and automated tape laying (ATL) machines. NTPT’s products are used in numerous high-performance composite applications in the marine, motorsports, industrial, aerospace, sports and luxury goods sectors.


SwissKoo, Closel 5

Swiss Koo is a handicraft cuckoo clock manufacturer established near Lausanne in Switzerland. It was founded by two Swiss designers and precision mechanics who share the same passion for Swiss precision and quality. Swiss Koo manufactures cuckoo clocks with profound respect for tradition and quality on one hand, while adding a fresh touch of design on the other. Each piece is made with particular attention to the workmanship and the quality of the materials used. Just like little chalets, we assemble our clocks without using glue or nails. Our cuckoo clocks are the result of long hours of dedicated work with no interest in mass production. We believe that a “Swiss Cuckoo Clock ” is not only a clock, but a cultural heritage that can be passed on from generation to generation.

The story behind Swiss Koo

We are two 39 year old industrial designers and old friends that have been designing many accessories and furniture for international brands in our studio in Lausanne for several years before we became a bit disappointed with this business. It was most often quite frustrating to lose control of the the final product, its details and quality. Drawings were not always respected and compromises very hard to accept… So the idea of designing, manufacturing and distributing our OWN product popped quite naturally in our minds. As designers, we know how things are made, so why don’t we !

The problem was « what can we design and produce » ? Knowing we had no money to invest, besides our creativity and mechanical skills (we built our first CNC milling machine ourselves!), we first tried out a low cost inflatable lamp, but we didn’t like to depend on plastics and non local production. We followed other bad ideas before «The » idea came to us ! I was once successfully repairing a damaged family cuckoo clock that it struck us : « why don’t we make cuckoo clocks ! » it is hand made, simple, emotional, traditional and positive. Plus there was only one manufacturer in Switzerland !!!

After a year of learning all the about cuckoo clocks we launched our first model in October 2013. We now produce 6 different models in several colors and offer a custom cuckoo service, first of a kind we know of !

UniverCite, Closel 5

UniverCité est géré par la Fondation Inartis. Le lieu héberge un espace de Co-working, un laboratoire communautaire et un makerSpace ouvert à tous.


Switzerland Global Entreprise, 

Soutien aux PME pour toute question d’exportation et de développement commercial à l’étranger

Tracegolf / Trace Technologies SA

10.2012 – 10.2015

Voltolini Architecture

06.2008 – 09.2014


07.2008 – 01.2014

HexaDec Sàrl

06.2009 – 12.2013

Imagina & Nocea Architecture SA

06.2011 – 03.2013

Total Advanced Graphic Design Deppierraz & Ryffel

10.2007 – 02.2012

Octopus Communication Sàrl

12.2008 – 01.2012

Fontself SA

07.2009 – 06.2011

Atracsys Sàrl

10.2007 – 03.2011

Arimaz SA

03.2008 – 08.2010


10.2007 – 04.2009

Nicolas Le Moigne

10.2007 – 12.2008

Couleur Prod SA

10.2007 – 09.2008

Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

10.2007 – 06.2008

Master ECAL

01.09.11 – 30.06.16

Collectif Crembruley & Pixyform

01.04.12 – 30.06.16

Majamba Sàrl

01.01.14 – 31.03.16


01.12.15 – 30.06.16


01.02.12 – 30.06.16

Synaestech Sàrl

15.03.15 – 30.11.15


– 18.10.17


– 18.10.2017


– 18.10.2017

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